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Sterling General Security was founded by security experts to answer the call for security programs that ensure your property, personnel and business receives maximum protection, 24/7 365 days a year, and provide accountability for all facets of these security programs.

Seasoned Security Professionals

Our seasoned representatives can help you assess your current program to understand the needs that are currently being addressed and those that need attention.

On-Site Assessments

A security program supervisor will come to your business, assess in real time, the points of discussion, ensure that all covenants will be met and prepare a training program for security personnel, specifically for your unique situation.

Detailed Proposals

A proposal will be prepared for you to see what our security experts suggest and the rates for the services. Upon customer approval, class and onsite training will begin to ensure that security personnel understand all facets of the program.

24/7 Compliance

A security patrol supervisor will be assigned to ensure compliance on a 24/7 basis. DAR’s will be furnished to you on a specified basis. Incident reports are given daily.

Account Management

Additionally, an assigned account manager will meet with you on a regular basis to keep you informed of the results and metrics of the security program.

Sterling General Security Office

Sterling General Security, 412 W. Broadway, Glendale CA, 91204

24/7 Call Center

Our toll free, 24/7 dispatch center is available to you anytime you need help or information. Of course, all security personnel and account managers are available via cell or radio.

Our call center operates 24/7 to assist our clients. We offer unarmed officers to protect Warehouse and Distribution Centers, Schools, Apartment Homes, Shopping Malls, Construction Sites, High-Rise Buildings, and more. Need a solution for your security needs?

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